Samurai Masters Swords and katanas

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Classic Handmade Katana Samurai Sword 1060 Steel Sharp Blade


Total Length:            40in
Blade Length:           28in
Handle Length:        12in
Hardwood Saya
Tsuka wrapped in blue woven rope
Blade surface polishing

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The Sword is a beautifully crafted artistic & weapon. It is designed keeping in mind the specs of the original sword. The sword has a sharp blade, Beautifully constructed from 1060 steel. the scabbard also is made of Hardwood. Tsuka wrapped in blue woven rope
Blade surface polishing. The details are perfectly processed. The beautifully decorated blade is made of 1060 steel, which has higher strength. The sheath can better protect the sword. Exceptionally designed this sword to deliver both cut and thrust, it is very well balanced, light, and responsive. The handle of the sword is guaranteed to provide you with the best possible grip. The weight of the sword is of much importance when one has to take it on long journeys. The Sword is lightweight and you can carry it easily anywhere you want to. Other information about the sword is detailed below. The sword is only one of our best-selling swords, Based on originals.
Not only exquisite production but also strict packaging. The high degree of reduction, very suitable for display.
We support samurai swords, Chinese sword high-end customized products, and animation knife customization


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